Workshop Answers

Do you teach outside of New York?
I do. I  teach for guilds and national venues 

Where can I find your information about your classes?
My Workshops Page

Do you publish your teaching calendar?
No. Please inquire if I have plans to be in your area


Would you recommend a longarm quilter?
Janice E. Petre of Sinking Spring, PA has been quilting my quilts since the day I learned that C&T Publishing had taken me on. That's ten years and many spools along the way. She is exemplary. Shipping is easy for me; FedEx Ground is neext day between me in NYC and Janice in PA.  

Janice Petre's House of Quilting
200 Gelsinger Rd
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
(610) 678-7976

Asked and Answered in General

Is this page "under construction?"
Yes. I'm experimenting with Google Blogger possibilities